Top 3 Ways to Improve Trucker Safety

September 9, 2019 | TRUX Team

Trucker safety is critical in the dump truck industry. Today, there are new safety features that allow truckers to get their work done more easily and effectively. If you’re interested in learning more about those features, head on over to our article “Dump Trucks Get a Tech Facelift.”

In this article, we’re highlighting some tips and tricks to help you get your trucking done right and safe. 

Load and Unload Your Truck Right

Before you jump ahead, use precautions and set your truck up for success. Here are a few tricks to master effective loading and unloading:

  • Ensure you’re on level ground before you start unloading
  • Ensure that your load is evenly distributed 
  • Use a truck bed liner 
  • Don’t overload the bed of your dump truck 
  • Clear the dump area prior to unloading your truck
  • Don’t drive when the truck bed is raised 
  • Ensure the tractor and bed are aligned properly 
  • Use caution if you’re working between the bed and frame

Invest in the Right Trucks

Dump trucks today are becoming safer and ergonomic. Some trucks that are getting it right:

Inspect When the Time is Right

You have to commit to maintaining your dump trucks. Opt to do a daily inspection yourself. A basic checklist includes: 

  • Checking your tire pressure
  • Checking your breaks
  • Checking the suspension and lift cylinders
  • Checking the pins and bushings

To avoid a dangerous problem, get your truck checked out by a mechanic regularly. Be prepared to take care of any necessary repairs ahead of schedule. 

If you want to start a preventive maintenance program to help you solve problems faster, you can effectively keep your trucks in good, functional order. In the long run, this will even help you lower your truck insurance rate

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